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This website shows how to make your own animations in a fun and easy way. Enjoy your animating with some of the easy-to-use animation software.

Adobe Flash animation SoftwareAdobe Flash is the most popular and widely used 2D animation software. In fact most of the flash animation on the Internet are made with Adobe Flash. With the new tools of CS4, making animation with Adobe Flash is much easier than before.

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Toon Boom StudioToon Boom Studio is an easy-to-use animation software. You can master 2D animation quickly with Toon Boom Studio. We prepared provide a lot of interesting animation examples made with Toon Boom Studio.

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Toon Boom StudioToon Boom cut-out character is simply a character build up with basic pieces - head, neck, left arm, right arm, left leg, right legs, etc... By cutting a character into basic pieces allows animation in a much easier way. Moreover the character can also be animated by giving it a slightly different pose on each frame.

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Swift 3D animationSwift 3D allows anyone create 3D animation and content quickly and easily. Swift 3D is a powerful, easy-to-use 3D solution that delivers high-quality 3D animation results. Swift 3D is the only 3D software that directly integrate with Adobe Flash through the Swift 3D File Importer and SmartLayer Technology.

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Swift 3D animationWe already learned how to do animation with Toon Boom studio and Swift 3D. Let's learn how to integrate Toon Boom Studio with Swift 3D to make even more interesting animation.

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Swift 3D animation Poser allows anyone produces 3D character and animation with ease. Poser has 3D scene with ready-to-pose figures, hair, clothing and props that can 3D animation in a very short time.

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Swift 3D animationSketchUp is a very easy and fun to use 3D modeling software. SketchUp is an interesting tool for 3D modeling available for anyone.

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