Toon Boom Studio 5 Animation Tutorials

A Simple Flash Animation with 3D Effect Toon Boom Studio

Toon Boom Studio allows elements (e.g. buildings, plane, etc...) to position at different depth. Therefore this is rather easy to do flash animation with mimic 3D effect.

Toon Boom Tutorial Movie

Toon Boom Tutorial Tips:

With the elements (sky, buildings and aeroplane) position at different depth, this allows easy to do mimic 3D flash effect with Toon Boom Studio. At the beginning, the aeroplane is flying behind the buildings, then flying in front of the buildings near the center of the building. Thus create an intesting flash effect that the areoplane is flying behind and in front of the buildings.

TB 3d flash animation effect

Toon Boom Tutorial Finished Movie:

Toon Boom tutorial finished flash animation display here. Update your flash player if you cannot see the flash animation.

This Toon Boom flash animation tutorial shows how to do 3D effect animation.